Sunday, May 18, 2008


Any taker? To teach me about how to find some balance in life?

4 months ago I was so desperate about getting myself out of the lonesome daily routine of commuting *on foot* b/t school and home or Shibuya's cafe to home via school that I was sharing with my small group folks that I want to establish another dimension in life where there's more than just the tiny academia bubble.

Like an answered prayer, 4 months later fast forwarding to now, my schedule is packed with part-time teaching and commuting b/t clients' offices from one corner of Tokyo to another far corner that I wanna reclaim a sense of balance in life and preserve enough room for purely intellectual - even if useless - activities.


But grateful.

Esp. when summer is fast approaching. Really really love the warm sun and spotless blue sky in Tokyo these days.

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