Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sorry Teddy Bears, but You are Illegal.

Got dropped off at the intersection and was waiting for the red light to turn green. Suddenly, I saw this lonesome old man dragging a large cart of giant-size teddy bears across the street.

Sometime ago I read form somewhere about the Chinese government putting some actual regulation on the size of teddy bears/stuffed animals sold in the market. For whatever reasons I've forgotten, but I did remember the article saying how as the Christmas season is fast approaching, nowadays people may very likely find giant-size teddy bears dragged down the street on a cart by black market vendors.

And I saw one right there, across the street tonight! And that scene could not look any more sad to me.

It's not just because the cold rain was drizzling. It's also not just because I love stuffed animals and seeing them drenched in rain makes me want to call the vendor over and give all the plush teddy bears a big hug. But I was just wondering -- why in the world would Chinese government, supposedly so busy already with so many problems in this country to solve, would want to to bother to start limiting the size of something so trivial as teddy bears?

As if the freedom to have a big, warm, plush teddy bear to hug at home or to bring up a beautiful smile from a kid also has to be watched out for now or taken away from the people? For what good reasons?

The light turned green and I walked across the street in great dismay. I wonder how much the old vendor is actually making a night -- especially on a rainy one like tonight when all his teddy bears are getting polluted acid rain all over them. And what is he going to do when the Christmas season is over? Wait for the Chinese new year or Valentine's Day to come in Feb? And then wait for the May 1st holiday to come?

Everyday, I encounter this urge to just sit someone down and have him/her explain IN DETAIL the logic behind a certain things here. Tonight, that urge was experienced again.

Somebody, explain the logic to me, would you?

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