Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oh Mom!

Haha, my mom cracks me up! In the midst of all my crazy summer planning and random droppings of email sharing my crazy summer plan, she actually got it ALL figured out in her head!

Wow, now looking at what she wrote (see below), I do wonder if this indeed will be a nutty summer to come.

有這樣一位喜歡跑來跑去的女兒也真是一件令人苦惱的事 huh? ごめんね、お母さん ...


Please remember that you still have one-ticket of UA which was from the
round-trip ticket of last August. If you go to Malaysia/Indonesia for
missions, that means you will fly from Boston to Tokyo with UA, then buy a round trip ticket
between Tokyo and Malaysia/Indonesia; after flying back to Tokyo to do
research, you then will buy another round trip ticket for Tokyo/Mainland
China; finally, flying back from Tokyo to Taipei using the last part of the UA
ticket. Boy! such a complicated schedule. Are you sure you want to be busy
like this?

I worry about your physical condition, you should save some energy for
General Exam of next January. Anyway, it is up to you to make final


梅ちゃん at 9:51:00 AM



at 3/27/06, 3:42 PM Blogger Evergreen said...

I agree with Mom...... It seems that you are always on the run during breaks.....



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