Friday, May 05, 2006

Page Turn

8:30 pm.

Walking out of the Mobility class last night after the grand finale presentation and saying goodbye to my fellow classmates, there was a sense of relief mixed with joy for the end of the semester as well as the closure of my entire coursework in grad school if not my whole life. Meanwhile, there too was a peculiar sense of new beginning looming in the air, as if a page has been turned.

Something is ending, something is beginning.

8:20 am.

Despite the little early-morning fiasco with waking up late and arriving 15 min late at a breakfast meeting with professor talking about TF responsibilities, there too was a sense of new beginning. Maybe it was that fresh cup of coffee or the sun beaming through the window, or maybe it was the brief moment of sharing about past teaching experiences that drew back fond memories of interacting with enthusiastic students. Whatever it was, there too was a sense of beginning.

Sometimes we need these little page-turners or stage-markers to keep ourselves moving or to keep our heads clear about the goals in mind. Grateful for the beautiful weather and warm temperature that welcome the entering of a new stage.

Certainly, there's the pressure of 5 final papers hanging in the back of my mind, but the thought for a great summer ahead hopefully will continue to keep my spirit high till the finish line is reached.

F said the very first thing that he's going to do upon arriving in Japan is to go to a dentist's office. For me, probably just a past-rush-hour ride on 中央線 would make me happy enough. The scenery of the canals between Shinjuku and Tokyo station is dearly missed. So are the ramenya-san in Kichijyoji, the 100-yen shop scattered all across the city, and the massive movement of people across the 6-direction crossroads in front of Shibuya station seen from the window on the 2nd floor of the 井の頭線 platform.

Summer, hasten your footsteps! Or I'll just have to hasten my paper-writing process. Yeah, maybe the latter is more crucial.

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at 5/8/06, 1:37 AM Blogger Chat Noir said...

look forward to the summer as well!

didn't know that u took the mobility class this semster..regretted that i didn't go to that class. did u have a good time there? hope we'll have a nice, relaxed coffee talk after u're done with ur papers! good luck with them!

and thank you for your company and words that night. The sun and everyone's love is making me feel better and better these days.


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