Thursday, August 07, 2008

Back, Along with the Rain

Maybe if I have a dog like the one in the "dacafe" family in "dacafe" then ( life wouldn't seem so blue when it does get quite blue at times. 'Cuz through his/her curious eye, I perhaps could find new possibility in life.

Or maybe if i have a child - again - like 空 or 海 then I could for a while let go of all this work pressure and appreciate life simply for its very own sake - being alive and being healthy and seeing the ones you love alive and healthy as well.

Or maybe if I have a family - again - like the "dacafe" family (even though I still think it's seems too しあわせ to be true ... are they really not just modeling for the MUJI commercial???) then I could spend this restless night sound asleep, knowing that it needs not to be a lonesome struggle.

Maybe ... if only maybe.

One praise is that this conference in Nagoya turned out to be surprisingly intellectual stimulating, almost like a long-waited energy boost or confidence restoration on my long-lost faith in the merits of academia. Thanks to the general absence of American scholars, most panel papers struggle very little with theoretical jargons. What's even more interesting is that, English was no longer the dominant language at the conference; rather, bilingualism ruled.


Tokyo has had some of the most peculiar thunder storms in history over the past 2 days, and I happened to step right into one as Shinkansen took me back into the city. Struggling to keep my sandals from slipping off my feet every other second as I trekked through puddles of water on the street home, I for a second, was not sure where I was heading.


If one may defined that by the 2 dying plants awaiting me downstairs by the staircase.

Guess Tokyo hadn't rained until the moment I came back to the city ...

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at 8/21/08, 1:00 AM Blogger iron said...

it's really great to know you enjoyed the conference. So did you successfully organize the panel for AAS?

at 9/5/08, 1:58 AM Blogger leslie said...

hi may-yi! i recently saw everyone from our old HC this summer (at different times, not together)and was wondering how you're doing. i assume you're still in japan? anyway, take care!


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