Monday, March 27, 2006

City of Late-riser

Arrived in Amsterdam yesterday after 6.5 hours of smooth flight. Then a whole day of exploration on foot which rendered an extremely exhausted body with lack of sleep. But the first impression of the city was great - confusing street each with unique characters, early morning light shower/fog that eventually clears up with the sun peaking out, and lazy Sunday city-dwellers taking their time to enjoy the early spring weather. Spring is in the air, for sure, much more so than Boston, and despite the light rain here and there during the day, no one seems to really mind as long as the temperature has kicked itself back to the late 40´s.

One thing that continues to puzzles me - is this a city of later-risers? Otherwise how come almost close to none of the musuems open before 10 if not 11 in the morning? No quality breakfast for another bou-sou day for me? Ai yo ...

Maybe it´s the Americans that need to learn to relax huh?

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at 3/28/06, 12:40 AM Anonymous grace said...

hey hey...have a great time. remind me to tell you sometime about my story of going to amsterdam with a taiwanese tour group...unforgettable. :P let's just say that the taiwanese tour guide took us one too many times through the red light district, and of course we ate at chinese restaurants. :P hope you're having a better time than that! thanks for your long email... :) i will write back sometime soon!! miss you the new blog.

at 3/28/06, 5:26 PM Anonymous angie said...

please take some pretty pics of tulips if they're out! send me a postcard if you get a chance! :)

at 3/29/06, 2:02 PM Anonymous Spdracer said...

:) Yes, you could learn to relax. Learn so while you're over there... wherever that may be.


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