Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nobody Wants Naathing but ...

Back from a weeklong sun bathing in Cancun last night.

Downpour of cold, winter rain awaited me at the doorstep of United baggage claim area. "Great," I let out a long sigh, "now back to the frosty beantown with no white Christmas in sight," watching my own breath turning into millions of white, visible cloud-like particles, dancing in the rain.

The airport was so empty. The silver line had more than enough seats for me to claim the entire back area my own, and it zoomed by all of the 5 stops in less than 15 mins.

Never, ever have I seen the silver line being this efficient and running so on time.

When the T hit Central Square, all of a sudden the recorded announcement spoke: "This is the last stop of the line. Thank you for riding the T." The lone guy in the train compartment sitting across from me and I exchanged a puzzled look.

Guess the T conductor too wants to go home and catch the tail end of Christmas Day. I don't blame her.

As if the rain itself wasn't enough of a grand welcoming for me, the next thing I found at the doorstep of my front porch was that my keys were no where to be found.

Camping out on Christmas Day? This would definitely set the record.

Should've expected that something was bound to go wrong during that one-day delayed arrival of my bag in Cancun. Since when do airport security officers regard a set of keys as hazardous materials prohibited in the luggage compartment? Or at least they should remember to zip up the front pocket after a thorough search?

Why would anyone choose to take the keys and forego two bottles of tequila in the bag? Not a tequila fan?

And why do I continue to fly the United friendly sky after all these years of progressively worsening services?

"Well, for now, think about the sunny days in Cancun as you're sitting on the porch waiting for your friends to come pick you up," my landlady comforted me on the other end of the phone line when both of us realized that the spare key failed to do its prime job b/c of an accidental lock of the top bolt.

Ok, think Cancun.

Sunshine ... palm trees ... the pristine, turquoise-looking ocean water ...

I am seeing more funny, cloud-like particles now twirling all over the place in the air.

Focus, focus, *ahem* ... Yes, crispy tortilla chips dipped in fresh salsa dressing ... all-day happy hours for lemon margaritas and strawberry daiquiris, 2 for 1 ... the soft touch of the warm, fine sand enveloping all my toes and ankles ... the "no naathing" phrase repeatedly used by the funny Mexican day-trip guide ...

"nobody checks naathing," "nobody buys naathing," "nobody loses naathing, folks" ...

"Nobody wants naathing but a cozy Christmas Day drenched in the warm presence of friends & families, señor," I thought to myself, sitting on the top steps of my front porch, drenched in fatigue.

12:30 am, my watch reminded me. The rain continued to fall.

Well, at least it's no longer the tail end of Christmas Day but the beginning of another regular day right?



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at 12/28/06, 2:15 PM Anonymous Kevin said...

So you went to Cancun!! Where did you stay? We had our honeymoon there some 6 years ago. Have beeing wanting to go back since...... Loved that place..... So how did you get back in the house?


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