Thursday, November 27, 2008

In Spite of All

At lunch today, this typical salariman-looking guy sitting next to me at a small, sandwich bar drew my attention.

With his cell phone flipped open and clicking the scroll-down key every few seconds, this guy was recopying a passage typed out on his cell to regular stationery.

Given the simplicity of the stationery, at first he looked like he was composing a business letter or some sort - a letter of apology or resignation, perhaps, I thought.

But as he continued on, for another 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, I couldn't help but glance over discreetly.

Then I saw the first line of his letter -

「お誕生日おめてどう!今日一緒に過ごすことができて ... 感謝します。」

A few lines down, I caught only a few phrases -

「これから十年、十五年、二十年 ... 僕は ... 応援したい ... 」

Turning my head away, all I could notice, then, were tears willing up fast in my eyes, struggling to contain themselves.

At last, the young man folded up the stationery into a neat, rectangular shape and put it into a ivory color envelop. Everything was done so precisely and carefully. At last, when the envelop was sealed, he let out a light sigh of relief, looking at the letter with an obvious sense of satisfaction.

And a gentle smile appeared on his face.

One of a kind, I thought, even though such kind has become rare.

Though not a single word or eye contact or even the regular "sumimasen" was exchanged at the point of him taking his leave, I'm grateful for this young man. Because he reminded me that there is still hope - despite busyness, despite long working hours, despite a oftentimes stressful lifestyle in a oftentimes stressed out city.

Because there is love.

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