Friday, September 15, 2006

Fiasco Anew

1:25 am. I'm scrubbing my white, wooden table real hard. Left ... right ... left ... right ... (spray again) left ... right ... left ... right ...

Why am I down to setting up a new home again? How many more new rooms, new apartments, new tables, chairs, folder organizers, closet spaces are there for me to scrub and clean (with the magical all-purpose Lysol cleaner and paper towels) in the next year?

In the living room, there are 3 more boxes awaiting to be opened up, a dozen of old ones ready for recycle, and a huge broken plastic bin in desperate need for disposal.

Now, where did my scissors go?!?

My doorway is blocked, disposable contact lenses are spreading all over one side of the bathroom counter, and my dinning table is covered by handouts, folders, pamphlets and silly souvenirs from the Bok Center over 2 days of TF training.

Thank goodness that it only took me 4 days to have Internet and cable TV set up (last year's record - 1 month).

If there could be a machine that automatically saves the memory of previous packing experience so that the next time when someone moves, he or she could just press the bottom and automatically the machine would recreate boxes in exact same size, dump all goodies in the exact same order, seal them all up tightly and orderly and ship them directly to wherever the person may go, my life would not be too far from heaven.

Otherwise the moving process is nothing but hell. And no, it doesn't matter how many times you've gone through it.

2:25 am, I'm munching a packet of Tomato Pretz purchased at Narita Airport while pondering upon the design of this imaginary machine. 2 more boxes to go, an entire floor to vacuum and mop, and a basket-full of laundry to take care of. "Not tonight," my body is telling me, screaming with fatigue.

Wish there could be more than Tomato Pretz right now. Eh-uh, no more Kellogg's "Pop" cereal. I've had 7 bowls of it already over the past 5 days.


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