Saturday, December 02, 2006


又下雨了 ...

5:11 pm. The sun has set (wait, I didn't see any sun today in fact) more than an hour ago, and rain has begun to pour since 3 pm. In a deserted cafe, I'm stuck with 20+ more mid-term papers to grade. The topic? "The changing composition of ruling elite throughout history" OR "The transformations of the centrality of Confucianism in Chinese history."


And yes, it is Friday.


梅ちゃん at 7:11:00 AM



at 12/8/06, 4:58 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha. i wonder if that's why my prof will think when he reads my essay on "the influence of domestic interest groups on U.S. adherence to the Bretton Woods international monetary regime from the 1940s to the 1960s." i think that beats confucianism.

at 12/8/06, 4:58 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was me in london, by the way


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