Friday, May 25, 2007


I'm facing a difficult choice.

I'm searching for a temporary shelter for my 100+ books for the next two years - potentially two, that is.

"You can't see where you might end up be 2 years from now? Does the decision need to be made now then?" A friend was startled to hear about my difficult choice at dinner tonight.

No, pal. I can't even envision what life is going to be like by the end of September, let alone 2 years from now.

Still, my 100+ books are in desperate need for a temporary shelter.

So, the options on the table:

1) A long-term storage space somewhere in the neighborhood; no temperature/humidity control though in order to save cost, sadly.
2) Renting a storage container that resembles something more like a mobile, public lavatory. The picture of it still makes me laugh hysterically -- stacking up all my precious books/household belongings in a mobile-/public-lavatory-like "container"?!?
3) Turning a study carrel into a secret warehouse, from floor to ceiling -- as long as I can close that door and lock that lock, no one is going to find out yah?

Someone told me that the U.S. Postal Service has cancelled the sea mail service effective from May 14th on.

No longer the friendly sea for the int'l mobile I suppose. Ai yo ...

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