Friday, April 06, 2007


Topic: Spring Break in Mexico

Items Lost:

- Let's Go Guidebook (1)
- ATM card (2)
- Credit card (1)
- Wallet (plus all those goodies stored up inside for yrs) (1)

Items Gained:

- Infinite fun time
- Infinite credit card bill spent on salvaging all the damages done
- Lots of laughter over the desperate degree of the situation (no tears, thankfully)
- A more blackened lung thanks to Mexican air quality
- A terrible cold + two-day-long fever: worst ever in years
- A record-breaking experience: missing my flight after a daylight saving time change


- Mexico City is NOT English friendly; Puerto Vallarta is EXTREMELY English friendly
- The best food in Mexico is anything under 30 pesos and sold on the street by local food vendors
- OJ in Mexico is the bomb
- 80's degree weather all day long is the bomb too
- Beach quality in PV is no good; sunset view is amazing though

Current Challenge: Adjusting to 50 degrees of temperature difference plus getting over a resilient cold. Oh yah, and work ...

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at 4/8/07, 4:38 AM Blogger Basil said...

Glad you made it back safely! Phew.

at 4/13/07, 11:15 PM Blogger Ferdinand said...

Oh my goodness! That sounded nightmarish! I'm glad you made it back safely...


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