Friday, March 23, 2007


Neighborhood kids & basketball

For the autumn long past

Just so then I can fool people by saying that I came back from the Mediterranean Sea ...

Sakura is in town! (if only I can afford that pink little dandy thingy from Sony-style ...)

3:30 pm・ChikaLicious・a pot of hot french-pressed

Village Vanguard in its post-performance hue

120th St. @ 7:12 am

梅ちゃん at 1:52:00 PM



at 3/24/07, 2:08 AM Blogger Basil said...

nice photos MYS~
Hope you are well!

at 3/27/07, 3:44 AM Blogger ferdinandhui said...

Is that last tree split!?

at 4/6/07, 12:49 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I wish I had as fulfilling a life...or maybe I just wish I had a sense of how to take good pictures.

I'm glad I found this blog, even if it means that I'm going to be even further behind in my work.



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