Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Post-Dramatic

First tutorial section went really well. Couldn't get my students to stop talking (while munching on the chips and valentine's day sweet goodies at the same time), and I definitely over-prepped. Can't figure out if it was the post-dinner meeting time that made them all the more relaxed and laid back or if it's just the effect of the first meeting. But all in all it was a good meeting, and I look forward to more.

Although I'm so incredibly brain dead right now.

Sometimes I wish there could be someone or a small pack of good old friends who could be there to share the post-dramatic moment of my life. The dramatic moment or the height of an important event is always glamorous, but the hardest is the time of aftermath, when one returns to a quiet room all by oneself, wishing there could be a few kindred spirits awaiting there, giving a pat on the shoulder or a cast a smile or an eye of recognition that signals "good job, 辛苦了,お疲れさま ..."

Tired of always needing to have my acts together, have my independence intact, my solitude enjoyed only a little bit too much over the course of time. Wanting to embark on a journey where I may not be the only traveling party but at times there is someone else out there who could board the plane with me, seal the last cardboard box for me, or - even better - share that inner, tumbling feeling of sentimentality when I have to draw my last glance at a once familiar place before leaping ahead into the future, even when all that is awaiting me is the unknown.

Thanks for the song "Yellow." The warmest source of solace after a long long day of work.

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at 2/15/07, 5:23 PM Anonymous DC said...

Amen. Although independence is commendable and necessary, at the end of the day, all of us long for someone with whom to share both the joys and the sufferings; the anxieties over unfinished business and the commendations for a job well done; the climaxes of excitement and the denouements (the French word for "post-dramatic") of joy. After all, the best joy we can have is our sense of purpose and calling:

主 人 說 、好 、 你 這 又 良 善 又 忠 心 的 僕 人 . 你 在 不 多 的 事 上 有 忠 心 、 我 要 把 許 多 事 派 你 管 理 . 可 以 進 來 享 受 你 主 人 的 快 樂.

I am privileged to be included among your close friends, for whom you generously give of your listening ear, encouragement and compassion. I am overwhelmed with both sorrow and joy -- I am far too excited about the Novartis prospect to sleep!!


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