Monday, June 18, 2007

Unwanted Visitor - Tokyo 6.17.07

I'm tired of setting up my apartment when every single little thing needs to be bought and dragged back to the apartment on the train ... Today I went to Tokyu Hands to get a shoe rack. I can only afford the cheapest kind (plus it probably just doesn't make much sense to buy anything better than that since it'll inevitably be tossed out after a year's time) and still the size turned out to be too big. So now I'll have to drag it back to Shinjuku on two different trains and exchange it for something else.


Another major thumb down is that I spotted the BIGGEST centipede EVER in life today, crawling around discreetly underneath one of my sandals. No hysterical screaming this time; I simply cussed. The worst thing is the more I tried to push it out of the way towards the door, the faster it ran towards me. At last I opened the door ajar and flipped it out of my room with a mop ... I had intended to let it just fall out of the balcony and returned to his la-la-soil-land (where do centipedes live anyway??), but instead it crawled the fastest it could and went through the bottom crack of the door into my neighbor's room ...

I truly and most sincerely am sorry for not stopping the centipede from entering my neighbor's room, a total accident unplanned ... I only hope that he/she is a much braver soul who could kill it instead of just spraying cleaning detergent on it and, upon failing to kill it, flipping it out of the room hysterically with a mop ...

The most ridiculous episode, yes, but one of the scariest that wil turn into nightmires. This one may top all of my cockroach-encounters from the past ...

Why does God create centipedes anyway?

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