Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Thought

A thought hit me today while I was in the middle of maddening unpacking business.

In every phase in life, I tend to spend quite a bit of time with folks whom I'd actually never see, miss, recall, or even remember for the rest of my life. But in retrospect, so much of daily mundanes are spent with these folks. Their presence means regularity, sense of belongingness, and sometimes merely passage of down time at the very moment, but as soon as the moment flees, their presence is reduced to near-zero significance.

And I'm sure I've been a figure like that in many people's lives as well.

Sometimes it is nothing but about just getting through the day, needing a company during meal, or having someone there to go through a late-night study session.

Life seems infinitely long filled with infinite pockets of such passing times in life. Yet no one is able to fastforward or simply skip the time and jump ahead into the future.

The art of living, I presume?

Or maybe I'm just tired after a long week of unpacking, adjusting, and getting back to the loop of things. I feel like nothing but a floater, standing outside of all the regular pace, schedules, and routines that others go through. And now it's time to start my own.

Let's hope that this is going to be a good year.

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at 9/18/06, 3:29 PM Blogger Evergreen said...

We made a choice on the way we want to live. This all moving around just come with the package....
Did you ever get your luggage back?

K & V


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