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Felt like I just came back from a long trip from hell. But coming out of that horrible trip, everything seems to be looking up on the bright side here. 雖然系上的TF program給我擺起烏龍,東大那兒倒是前所未有的好說話,看來今年春天日本的櫻花看不成,倒是要勤奮地去Widener/Lamont/Dado Tea報到了。

Dado的音樂都聽煩了。上星期走的時候店員甲(店員乙丙丁戊也很熟悉了!)還說:"Have a great evening. I'll see you tomorrow!"

On a totally different note - I LOVE my kids in the Chinatowns class. Reading their final papers at the moment and it's been a surprisingly pleasant experience. I LOVE these young social activists who go out of their way to care for the Chinatown community here and do so persistently and with so much energy. It also makes teaching such an enjoyable experience when you know that you have, somehow, played a tiny part in shaping their character and encouraging them to move further along with their passions for social activism.

不管是也還在改報告的、學期剛開始的、還在地球的某個角落玩耍的(或正準備去玩耍的)或是仍在努力寫報告完成incomplete的 - add oil, 頑張って,加油吧!

Gosh, please forgive my horrendous chinglish language ...

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at 1/16/07, 12:18 PM Anonymous Charlie said...

The same. Bad weather in NYC :(


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