Thursday, January 11, 2007

Drama to Go On

Sometimes I need to imagine myself as one of those characters in Japanese TV drama in order to go on.

For example, at 2:10 am when I'm completely wearied of reading yet another 7-pg paper on "The Effects of the 1st Opium War" or "The factors of manipulations during Cultural Revolution," I need to image myself as one of those strong, beautiful career women staying up late trying to finish a grand business proposal due the next day in a nice, cozy high-rise apartment somewhere within the Yamanote-loop in Tokyo. I wouldn't ask for something near 六本木; 白金台 would be good enough.

Even though my apartment is no where comparable to a cozy high-rise apartment with glassy windows or potentially a view of the Tokyo Tower in a distant even.

Or I could imagine myself as one of those studious mid-20's, trying to prepare for some kind of life-and-death entrance or qualify exam (well, this does ring a huge bell in real life though ...) in the middle of cold winter nights with flurries of white snow flakes dancing outside my, this time, 6-tatami-wide but still cozy apartment somewhere tugged in a tiny alley in one of the outskirt neighborhoods of Tokyo. Potentially there could be a train line lying nearby, and there has to be a vending machine where I may step out for a quick coffee break. Even better if there's a small park 5 mins away so that I can just call up a friend at 2:30 am and have one of those key philosophical discussions on life or love while swaying ourselves back and forth a bit on swings.

Oh yeah, and there should be a kotatsu where I could tuck my frozen feet underneath or a white florescence light above.

In either scene, there has to be some kind of 3-sec reminiscence of a dear friend's 「頑張れ〜」message ringing in the brain space or some blood-pumping J-pop music rising in the background to make it an ideal case. If not, at least a お守りor some kind of cell phone strap given by a person of significance that keeps one looking forward to tomorrow.

Know what I'm sayin'?

I'm sure you do, if you've seen enough Japanese drama.

Well, in 5 months, all of these may come true, in one way or the other (alright, maybe not the high-rise apartment in 白金台). I may still have loads of papers to read or books to devour, but - hopefully - all such imaginations would come closer to reality that I could for once live in it rather than always play the mind game of longing.

Back to yet another paper on "The Effects of China's Defeat in the First Opium War," with Mr. Children flowing in the background ...

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at 1/12/07, 5:06 AM Anonymous bk said...

surprisingly, i actually can really relate to these scenes... even if it is in Korean dramas, the sentiment is the same... back to reading about contracts for me... and daydreaming that it's a snowy day in Seoul, as I stare out from my tiny apartment at the skyline. Wait, there is no snow....! Hope you are well.

at 1/13/07, 7:00 AM Anonymous johnjihoonchang said...

Maybe I'll write you into a drama one day. =)


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