Saturday, January 06, 2007


Sometimes what keeps me going is knowing that the students - even just by a fraction of an inch - have suddenly got a certain concept figured out, made a quantum leap forward in their previously stagnant writing progress, or simply increased in their understanding of things. On a personal note to me, one of my students wrote:

"Thank you for a great semester! I've really enjoyed HSA-13 relative to the other cores I've taken at Harvard. I really appreciated your photo exhibition in the last section; it helped me understand and appreciate modern China in ways I simply was not getting out of the lectures and readings."

And all the students who gave their final presentations did a fantastic job! Such great social activists - I love them all! ~~~ It's even more comforting to see them actually putting my comments/suggestions into serious thought. Seeing them coming all the way from mumbling through their vague ideas in head to putting their passion down on paper and conducting concrete, ethnographic research is exhilarating.

Something that keeps me in perspective as I'm making an important decision here ...

People like to say "teacher's appreciation," but I'd rather go for "student appreciation." They've all tried so hard and there's nothing I can say but ...

I'm extremely proud of them!

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