Friday, January 05, 2007

What Moves Your Heart?

What moves one's hearts?

Listening to Mr. Children's "くるみ" or "Not Found"

Seeing someone who runs the race alongside, just as hard and fast if not a hundred times more. One who never quits, never jumps ship, one who sticks to the end.

Walking out of long hours of seclusion in the library and seeing the first streak of white left behind by a cross-continental flight across the pristine blue sky

Crossing the street and smelling a familiar scent from adolescence


A pair of sympathetic eyes that say, "Yes, I understand"

First snow

The quick burst of recognition on the other side of phone line that goes, 「啊,梅儀是你呀~」. Even after years of lost contact

Mom's opening words on a voicemail message (unfailingly): 「喂,梅儀啊,我是媽媽。現在是我們這裡(or 台北)的 ... 點鐘。沒什麼事,就看你好不好 ...」

The green little buds on a bare, open branch that signal the arrival of spring

A bowl of 關東煮 in mid-winter at a neighborhood 7-11/Lawson. 12:30 am

Choosing between a sakura-pink or baby-blue towel at a 100円 shop on the first day of arrival in Tokyo

The first sip of Cafe Latte after a long, stressful day

Waking up early and walking out the apartment greeted by rays of morning light down a quiet, empty street

The soapy scent of Japanese お風呂 on the way home from JR 桜木町 station past 9:30 pm

Guzzling down the 3rd 梅酒ソーダ割りin hot summer days

Browsing through picture-filled menu of whichever 居酒屋 in Tokyo

A prayer by a broken heart

Catching the tail end of a shooting star (regardless if the wish was made in time or not)

A re-watch of "Long Vacation" or "あすなろ白書"

Seeing students who work so hard towards their passion/dreams, crying out loud for social justice

The hearts of social activists

Writings by deep thinkers

A book whose last check-out date writes "August 17th, 1965"

An email of encouragement or honest sharing of heart

Those who are unafraid of crying

Those who live for a passion

Those who live for the well-being of others

Those who love, deeply and unconditionally

An old couple who walks in front, holding hands

The moment when the plane takes off, off to a new destination with the unknown awaiting ahead

The fall of a crimson leaf, mid-October

A look of assurance and faith in moments of doubt

The architectural design of MoMA, NYC

Scenery of green rice paddies flying by while riding on 新幹線

Heartfelt chats with friends till 4 AM

A phone call from across the globe, not necessarily for b-day or new year greeting though that could be nice too

Serendipitous encounters

Listening to the elderly who talk about their stories of diaspora while squeezing your hands tight

Old photos of family members who were younger than the viewer's age

A song that speaks one's mind

Walking by faith, not by sight

A simple sentence that says, "I'm really sorry."

First mouthful of Pink Berry yogurt (original flavor, with blueberries on top)

The smile of マルちゃん、蛙蛙、冰冰 or 平平

When the line "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire" flows from the radio

The skyline across the Hong Kong Island, the night view from New Heights on the Bund, the sight of massive train tracks on the pedestrian overpass near 新宿新南口

The last trace of orange sunset setting behind the Patala Palace, Lhasa

The cup of coffee that calms one's heart before a long long awaited meeting

Searching through the pockets of an old winter jacket and finding a piece of old old memo with faded pencil marks on top

Honesty from a genuine heart

Children who are always ready to play & laugh

Adults who don't forget the importance of being a child who's always ready to play & laugh

Women of much much wisdom

A song from high school era

A joke that is meant to make bring out a hard laugh that eases a heart in pain

The fact that this list doesn't end ...

The world is still beautiful after many moments and facets of brokenness, isn't it?

What moves your heart, my friend?

梅ちゃん at 7:55:00 AM



at 1/7/07, 3:40 AM Anonymous Lennon in Cuba said...

your writing is really moving. it's really really good.


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