Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Asian Japanese - Tokyo 7.17.07

「アジアン・ジャパニーズ」・"Asian Japanese"・小林紀晴

Interesting yet a bit strange of a title I know. Upon a close look, the title begins to make more sense. Asian Japanese in the sense of "the Japanese who live in other Asian countries." I see.

Packing 150 rolls of colored and another 150 rolls of black-and-white films (along with 3 professional cameras and 5 lens) all into one 50-kg backpack, he embarked a journey to 6 Asian countries without a single lonely-planet guides in hand. The first night he slept on the benches of Bangkok Int'l airport; the next day, he almost got all his photo equipment robbed by a professional boxer player and his girlfriend.

That was the beginning of his journey, into a whole new life.

Something rubs deep inside as I read the very first sentence of this book. So deep that I looked up and the clock in the cafe just ticked 5:30 pm. 2 hours had passed, only the rain hadn't stopped.

小林紀晴's official website: http://www.kobayashikisei.com

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