Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Insect Talk - Tokyo 7.17.07

First the largest typhoon in the history of July passed us by, then huge earthquakes hit the northeastern part of Tokyo. In the midst of these events, the tsuyu rain hasn't stopped ...

Don't worry guys, I'm safe and sound in Tokyo. The first wave of earthquake was large, and last night there was another huge aftershock. They say aftershocks are going to continue for another week or so ... Through grown up in Taiwan where earthquakes have never been rarity, I can't say I've ever gotten used to them at all.

Nor being used to cockroaches.

Sometimes I feel like I've relocated into an insect museum here in Tokyo. Every day groteque-looking insects come by my door for uninvited visits. First it was the largest centipede ever, then there came wasps, roaches (big ones with wings or small ones just born), ant-like flying creatures, and tiny flies that perpetually feed on water left after a quick shower. Just now I found a half-dying beetle sitting outside my door struggling to flip itself over. For 3 secs I just wanted to turn around and run towards the opposite direction as fast as I could.

Even though, yes, I've bought insect-repellent room deodorant and put roach killer baits all around the room. But given a serious thought, I'm beginning to fear that the baits in fact would draw more roaches to come in for a feast (before going back to the home base and kill off the rest). Is it better, then, to have the baits or leave them out? Any roach-killer experts out there? Help!

And no, I don't believe in the "just leave it alone and it'll magically disappear" approach. They never disappear. They just grow bigger and bigger and one day start flying across the room in the middle of the most unexpected moment.

Just for the sake of not needing to deal with roaches alone, I'd truly give moving back to the U.S. a second thought (if not marrying someone who's fearless of roaches).

Sigh. Fed up with all such insect nonsense.

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at 7/17/07, 9:53 PM Anonymous Kafka said...

I am not afraid of Roaches.


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