Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Soothing Effect

I was once a huge Ally McBeal fan. In one of the episodes, Ally was frantically running off to work (as she always does, without exception). Her attire isn't quite right, her hairdo is all over the place after whirlwind of last-minute accidents in the morning, and she - in her usual self - had been pondering about the meaning of the strange, computerized baby dancing in her bedroom the night before as she - in the meantime! - tried to juggle in all such morning craziness.

She rushed into office seeing Georgia about to take her first sip of coffee in a big gulp.

"Hold it, Georgia!" Ally yells, across the entire law firm as she always does.

The whole law firm stared at her.

At last pushing Georgia into her office closing the door behind, she cleared her throat, held the cup high, and began her parade of coffee-drinking ritual.

"Think of this as the foreplay of ... *ahem* ... you know," Ally said.

Then she took her first sip, her tongue twirling in the softness of the milky foam hanging out on the little opening on the lid.
She took her moment to enjoy the aroma of the roasted coffee beans, to smell the thick sweetness of the cream and sugar, and she let her imagination went wild.

"Now, your first sip," she said, at last picking up the cup and tilted it by 30 degrees.

"Hmmmmmm ..."

And the rest is history, all the morning craziness.

These days, that image of Ally and Georgia having an erotic fantasy with their starbucks coffee keeps coming up to mind when I pick up my very first cup of coffee and before I take my first sip. Not that I could identify fully with the erotic sensationalism that they experience, but I can appreciate that moment of pause that allows one to fully experience and enjoy the moment in hand, as if time too has stopped for a while.

We live in a day and age of intense busyness. Classes, lectures, meetings, grading, section preparation, email reply. Lunches or coffee with friends, late-night talks. In between appointments moments of peace can't even be attained without the company of iPod. And at times, I can't find my momentary, emotional rest of solace unless I take my first sip of coffee. Even at lunch today I again a) eat b) checked email and c) waited for the customer service to respond to me on the cell all while trying to finish some last-minute prep for sections.

The evil of multi-tasking despite efficiency.

I really want life to be less busy.

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at 10/29/06, 12:11 PM Anonymous Jungmin said...

Searching My Soul - Maybe the tile song of Ally McBeal, right? I happened to find out this song from My Music folder in my PC. Right, with a deep breath of crispy air and coffee aroma, hope to feel my soul every morning... =)


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