Monday, November 06, 2006


5 things that I wish I could be doing right now:

- To take a walk down the golden ginko tree lane in an early early mid-autumn morning near Aoyomi-ichome. There has to be beaming sun above me.

- A gaze at the glittering night lights across the Huang-pu River from the rooftop of Waitan #3 on a mid-summer night. Some moist, summer breeze would be nice.

- Standing on the platform of any of the Chuo line in Tokyo. Just wanting to hear the platform music again. The standard announcements wouldn't be too bad either.

- Taking a casual stroll around hometown neighborhood. Probably walking Quan-quan from home all the way to Yong-kang Jie.

- Getting lost in a sea of people who are busily walking by me. Some neon lights flashing around me or blazing pop songs streaming from a CD shop or something. Wouldn't even mind the cigarette smell even. Shibuya intersection, that would be a good place to start.

Perhaps I should start learning a new language. The unknown, the unfamiliar, and the slight feelings of uncertainty at times put me at ease way better than the feeling of being known, giving an ID, or being called as part of something, some group, or some community. The former grants freedom and infinite new possibilities whereas the latter wearies me down.

Reminiscing the hard, old high school days when one was so young, knew so little, yet had more courage, hope, and confidence to dive right into the future.

Wanting to find that source of courage and confidence back, even if at the most naive level.

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